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Published on 22 Jan 2020 / In People & Blogs

Orlando Singles is the preeminent dating service for the Orlando, FL region. We’re a company that is built upon the idea that finding companionship and love takes a degree of human insight.

While we do like to give our members some of the best features of online dating, we realize that dating is hard, and sometimes, it’s not so easy to move from emailing, or talking on the phone, to meeting someone in person. That’s why Orlando Singles is constantly working to make dating as much fun as possible.

From helping you find those people who can complement your personality, to matching you based on shared personal beliefs, our dating service takes into consideration when helping to find your match.

See if you qualify today as a member of the Orlando Singles by calling us at (407) 917-0162 or sign-up online: where one of our many associates will respond in a prompt and friendly manner, setting you on your path towards a successful match.

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